3D Signage for 55+ Living Home

3D Signage Portrays Picture-perfect Brand for 55+ Living Home

3D Signage Portrays Picture-perfect Brand for 55+ Living Home


Our customer, developers of a new apartment complex for active 55+ adults, had a tough job: targeting potential residents who were looking for an active lifestyle and would understand that the facility was definitely not an “assisted living center.” The facility’s leasing office, while professionally designed and modern, needed to reflect the complex’s unique approach to adult living so prospective tenants could quickly differentiate it from other types of communities for senior adults.


Words can tell a story, but our marketing staff understood that visuals can tell it even more quickly. Our solution was to highlight the active lifestyle modeled by the complex’s residents by hanging large photographs of people enjoying various physically active hobbies. We printed each photo life size and in full color then had our production department mount each on ultra-board then cut it with a router to the shape of the featured athlete. Grommets at balance points were added on the cut-out image then we suspended each from the office’s high ceiling with heavy, clear fishing line. The images include a tennis player, a runner, a woman in a standing yoga pose, a kayaker—complete with red kayak and paddle— and an off-road bicyclist.


Our customer is delighted with the active images. They report that prospective tenants are able to quickly size up the apartment complex and its targeted residents. “These images say to everyone that walks in the door that residents here are active and playful,” the customer told us, enabling sales staff to more easily identify and “qualify” tenants who are the type they’re targeting. The focus on active images also pleases those already living at the complex who frequently bring friends to the leasing office to introduce them to the possibilities embraced by residents at this “definitely not your average senior living” complex.

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