Getting Personal: An Introduction to One-to-One Marketing

How To Increase The Effectiveness of Your Direct Marketing

In this world of relentless advertising and marketing communications, it’s not surprising that a fair amount of materials end up in the waste bin. Knowing this as a marketer, how do you give your efforts a fighting chance in the mailbox wars? One to One Marketing.

First and foremost, One to One Marketing is a strategy. By definition, you are forgoing “one message fits all” marketing and serving up content pertinent to your customer. By tailoring your printed material specifically to him or her, you make the leap from generic to individualized communications, thus providing a message of greater value. Now, your customer realizes you know their needs and wants, improving your response rate.

By leveraging your customer data with variable printing from Sir Speedy, you have the means to personalize your marketing and increase your potential success. Why not start today? Learn more about One to One Marketing by filling out our brief form and download a white paper that includes helpful How-To’s, testimonials and much more.

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