Panorama Signage Highlights The Last Great Race

Panorama Signage Highlights

Panorama Signage Highlights


Extreme weather conditions and a very tight timeline merged together to create a challenge for our customer when they wanted to promote community awareness of their sponsorship of the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. Our client, a community bank in Alaska, provided event sponsorship but realized their customers and the community weren’t aware of their support of this world-recognized race. The bank’s circular interior provided a great opportunity to wrap the windows with an image emblematic of the race, but getting the wrap designed and installed in a hurry (animal rights protestors would likely show up during product installation) and getting the material to stick to the windows in the freezing weather earned this project its “challenge” tag. 


A dramatic sunrise photo of a “musher” and her team provided the perfect image to wrap as a panorama across the multiple windows in the bank. The windows’ semi-circular shape meant our large format sign specialist had his work cut out for him to gauge exactly the right places to separate the printed signage so it would span all windows and reveal every bit of the image. We suggested installing the large-format image inside the building—to decrease the chance of vandalism, as well as provide greater resistance to the extremely cold weather outside. Additionally, our installing team “sandwiched” the image between clear vinyl and white vinyl to maintain the photo’s vibrancy and help it “stick” better to the windows’ surfaces.


The room-spanning image, highlighting the bank’s logo and sponsorship in text, provided an immediate and stunning change of appearance both inside the bank and outside the building. Customers noticed it as soon as it was installed and the race, and the bank’s support of it, was a topic of conversation for the weeks leading up to the event.

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