Rebrand and Signage Boosts Occupancy

Rebrand and Signage Boosts Apartment Occupancy Rate by 94%

Rebrand and Signage Boosts Apartment Occupancy Rate by 94%


Appearance is everything when a tenant is searching for a new rental—and clear, professional signage is an important part of that appearance. Our customer, a fast-growing property management firm, approached us shortly after purchasing an existing apartment complex; they knew the logo and branding for the complex needed a major upgrade to attract potential tenants, but they had no idea how to make that happen. Additionally, the new signage would have to meet the architectural guidelines of the city’s planning board prior to getting municipal approval to construct a new monument-style sign.


The customer wanted to modernize the perception of the complex through its logo and signage, so we got right to work. Our graphic design professionals spent time with the management company, as well as visiting the complex. To create the new logo, we blended a modern typeface and a clean, artistic typeface; the end result is a visual that is clear and simple but has a definite human touch. 

We used this type treatment consistently throughout the complex on building identification, unit numbering and directional signage in the parking areas. A brick-based monument sign replaced the aging entrance signage. A new sign gained city approval for the back-complex entrance after we provided full documentation and renderings of the project to show how it improved the complex’s appearance. 


Within two months of completing branding and the new signage, the complex boasted an increase to a 94% occupancy rate. Our customer reports that prospective tenants completing applications have commented that they’d not noticed the complex previously.  Signage definitely can make a difference in a positive bottom line!

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