Event Signage for Governor’s Ball

Event Signage Brings Glow to Annual Governor’s Ball

Event Signage

Event Signage


How do you lend an extra sparkle to an annual event and help create memories that will last the year long? That was the quandary faced by our customer, an event management company specializing in high-end celebrations. They approached us for signage ideas to help brand an elegant and exclusive event, the state’s annual Governor’s Ball. The focus of the branding? The state’s well-recognized—and highly-detailed—state seal image. This event is traditionally attended not only by the governor and his family, but numerous dignitaries and VIPs, including the lieutenant governor, as well as the state’s two US Senators.


It might have been easy to simply print up a number of signs featuring the state seal in various sizes—but that solution wouldn’t have created the memorable impact we wanted for our customer. Instead, we studied the event’s venue carefully, seeking out options to highlight the state seal in various ways and locations. Our top-notch production team reproduced the seal as props for photo opportunities and podium signage. On the ballroom’s windows, we paired black-light type illumination with clear vinyl and white ink to make the state seal positively glow throughout the evening event. 

We didn’t forget the underfoot possibilities either—producing a seven-foot-wide, gold and deep blue version of the state seal using a substrate of removable vinyl and topped with a durable floor-graphic laminate. Our installation professionals then carefully placed this oversized floor graphic right on the dance floor.


Our customer knew they had an immediate success when attendees began happily posing in front of the state seal photo props and taking snapshots of the venue, with the state seal featured prominently in the background. Photos of the dance floor graphic popped up all over social media that evening and the next day. The state’s governor told our customer that it was the most creative Governor’s Ball he’d attended.

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