You, the customer, are responsible for layout, design, proofreading and spell checking your file(s). While an experienced team member will process your file and look it over for obvious mistakes, we cannot guarantee we will find your mistakes. If we do see something that does not look right to us, we will contact you and give you an opportunity to correct the mistake or confirm the accuracy of the file you submitted. 

Sir Speedy Print / Signs / Marketing does not provide printed proofs unless you include that request in the “Special Instructions” on the checkout screen when you place the order. Requesting a physical proof will delay the production of your job and will incur additional charges. 

We request you submit files in PDF format which are less likely to have font or other issues. You are responsible for closely reviewing the PDF to make sure it has translated fonts, spacing, format, and other things correctly. If you submit file formats other than PDF, we will convert the file to PDF and email you an electronic proof. It will be your responsibility to thoroughly review the PDF and approve the PDF proof before we put the job into production. 

Please read the “Artwork File Preparation” document on this website for more information. 


There are several reasons the color of a printed piece may not exactly match what you see on your screen or what has been printed previously by another printer or previously printed on different paper. 

Different monitors, tablets, phones and other devices do not display color exactly the same. Also, all printing companies do not use the same technology so they may not produce exactly the same results. In addition, color looks a little different on various paper stock. For example, color looks a little different on coated papers than uncoated papers. 

Our equipment is state-of-the-art and engineered to give the best color results possible so this slight difference in color has not been an issue, but we make no guarantee that it will exactly match what you see on your screen or match your expectations. 


You may cancel an order that has not gone into production and receive a full refund. If you have sent a print-ready PDF file, it will go into production almost immediately. So, notifying us of a desire to cancel must occur very quickly after the order is placed. 

If you do cancel a job that has gone into production, you will be charged for the work that has been done on the order prior to cancellation. For example, if you cancel a job that has been printed but not cut down, you will not be charged for cutting. 


The turnaround time begins when the file is ready to print. If you have requested a proof, turnaround time does not start until you have approved the proof. If there are problems with your files, the turnaround time does not start until the problems are resolved. If you have chosen UPS Ground Shipping when you placed your order, the time it takes to reach the destination is added to the turnaround time. 


We guarantee the quality of our work. Please inspect your order as soon as it is received. If you find we have made a mistake, you must let us know within 3 business days of receiving the order. At that time, if we have made a mistake, we will reprint the order at no charge. You will be required to return all of the items originally delivered to you. 

You cannot return orders if you find you had an error on your file. 

Keep in mind that we do not guarantee exact color matching as explained earlier in this document. 

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