Book Design & Printing Commemorates Tech Innovator

Book Design & Printing Commemorates Tech Innovator’s 30-Year History

Book Design & Printing Commemorates Tech Innovator’s 30-Year History


A mid-sized consumer-tech company, renowned for exceptional quality and innovative products, had tasked two internal teams with designing a 60-page keepsake book commemorating the firm’s 30 years in business. Most copies were slated as gifts for employees and strategic partners, while some were set aside for auction and sale, with proceeds going to a nearby women’s shelter. As the founder’s pet idea, it was a high visibility project accompanied by even higher expectations.

The marketing manager quickly discovered, however, that while simultaneously tapping two teams did, in fact, generate more ideas, those that were ultimately presented fell short of expectations. Faced with a fast-approaching deadline and few usable concepts, the manager reached out to us for help. 


Fortunately, we had previously produced similar pieces, though not quite as lengthy, for a nearby university and a well-known mega-church. With 60 pages to fill, our in-house graphics and production team quickly began exploring themes, concepts and visual styles, as well as font treatments and book binding options. Upon client approval of the proposed execution, the team, with help from others in our company, combed through decades of photos, press coverage and other historical source material. One of our team members also suggested adding web content to explain the reasons and (charitable) goals behind the commemorative keepsake, an idea that the client enthusiastically approved. The final product was a perfect-bound book.

Typical of complex projects with high expectations and ambitious deadlines, this one came with a steady stream of client requests and revisions. In the end, however, we hit the deadlines and delivered everything we had promised. The marketing manager was extremely grateful and to top it off, we received a personal call from the tech company’s founder expressing her sincere thanks for our staff’s commitment and creativity.

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