Integrated Marketing Meets a Need for Urgent Care

Integrated Marketing Meets a Critical Need for Urgent Care Provider

Integrated Marketing Meets a Critical Need for Urgent Care Provider

Challenge: An urgent care provider changed its name and needed to inform current and former patients within each of its 14 citywide service areas. Having lost confidence in her previous advertising agency, the marketing director contacted us for help with the rebranding efforts.

Solution: First, using our data services capabilities, we obtained an appropriate and targeted mailing list for a direct mail campaign. Then, we designed and mailed an80,000-piece postcard informing recipients of the name change. This mailing was timed to occur after the 14 locations received their newly rebranded materials, comprised of business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, pocket folders and notecards.

We also created and delivered new corporate signage and 14 sets of at-store signs promoting flu shots and physical exams. To accommodate the company’s ongoing need for rapid content changes and print production, we created an online storefront for the client so that each location could order their own materials online as needed in the future.

Results: The number of returning and walk -in patients coming in after the rebranding easily exceeded their projections. The urgent care group credited this to the proficiency with which we designed, executed and managed the fast-paced initiative, along with the speed and convenience of the online storefront portal. Initially only five locations were given access to the online portal but, as a result of this success, the remaining urgent care locations were given access to the online storefront site for placing their own orders.

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