Logowear Boosts Professional Image of Auto Chain

Online Apparel Program Wins Pole Position with Auto Repair Chain

Online Apparel Program Wins Pole Position with Auto Repair Chain


An auto collision chain with over 200 locations provides shirts, hats, jackets and logo aprons for more than 200 of its front office workers and its automotive technicians. In the past, each location’s general manager was responsible for purchasing the apparel for his/her staff by using a local vendor that was given general production guidelines developed by the corporate office. The process of producing these materials locally through different vendors resulted in inconsistent quality, lack of logo/brand integrity, color inconsistencies and difficulty managing multiple vendors. The corporate office needed help with this process to ensure that the company’s image of professionalism and quality was being perceived consistently throughout all of their locations.Solution:

After learning about this challenge, we suggested an online ordering tool to greatly improve the ordering process and also control quality. Our partnership with top apparel vendors helps ensure all products are professionally made and managed for quality and brand integrity. The custom online storefront allowed each general manager to store a thumbnail image of all of the pre-approved items into an online catalog so that they could order whatever they needed at any time. By using the system they were able to better track expenditures for the entire company as well as for each individual location, monitor inventory levels for all items and determine when to discontinue items or add new ones.

By using us to purchase all of their apparel, the company was able to meet their budgeting and branding objectives. Costs were reduced due to volume discount purchasing. Vendor management improved due to the use of just one company to service all locations. Additionally, the ordering process became much more simplified for the general managers who were now using the online storefront.

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