New Signage Fuels Branding and Promotion

New Signage Fuels Motor Speedway’s Branding and Promotion Effort

New Signage Fuels Motor Speedway’s Branding and Promotion Effort


When not thrilling fans with 100+ mph race competitions, a popular motor speedway in the southwestern US plays host to concerts featuring world-class bands and other musical performers.
This strategy not only keeps revenues flowing during non-race times, it maintains brand awareness by keeping the venue in the public eye. Due to the scope and complexity of putting on these events, the speedway typically partners with an entertainment company, as it had done before contacting us.

Due to a last minute contract dispute, a chosen provider withdrew its proposal, leaving the partners with no one to design and produce concert-event signage. Like the speedway itself, the job was quite sizable, and included integrating logos for sponsors, performers and the venue itself onto several hundred yards of outside fencing (effectively a really long billboard) running around and through the infield.

The client expected the fencing solution to last at least three years. To accommodate potential sponsorship changes, they also wanted the ability to quickly and easily swap out logos and branded panels.


After meeting with our client to understand their goals, limitations and expectations, our design team went to work. Recommendations included removing all information that would tie signs and fence panels to a particular calendar year to satisfy the multiple years of service the client had requested.

Generic event and wayfinding signage–some 125 pieces in all–were designed and printed on a variety of materials and substrates, including numerous weather-resistant banners. Because it is sturdy, resilient, colorfast and economical, coroplast (with grommets) was chosen as the promotional medium to line the infield fences. 


Even with all the last minutes vendor changes our client had to endure, we were still able to complete the project on time, slightly under budget, and to the satisfaction of both client parties. Our experience and attention to detail across all elements of sign design and production is what sets us apart and is why clients with a variety of needs rely on us for their branding and signage projects.

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