New Website Helps Small Business Expand

New Website Helps Small Business Expand


Millie’s Baskets creates and sells custom gourmet food gift baskets. For three years the owner has been growing her small business solely through word of mouth. She was ready to take her business to the next level with a website where she could sell her most popular items along with new items she was ready to bring to market.Solution:

To help Millie’s Baskets expand, we handled the website design, copywriting, PayPal setup and search engine optimization so that the site and products would be easily found. We were able to help the owner feature items such as holiday-themed baskets, wine and cheese baskets, gourmet coffee and tea baskets and more. Millie’s new products were displayed in a special home page section that allowed the company to have a “featured product of the month.”

Since Millie’s Baskets already had a logo, stationery and marketing materials that we had created for them, it was easy for us to develop their branded website. We already had or could easily obtain or create most of the images and content needed for the site. We worked with a team of web developers and design experts that understand e-commerce solutions and marketing.


Having the new website allowed Millie’s Baskets to develop a deeper relationship with their customers. The information captured from the online ordering process was used in future marketing efforts such as postcard mailers containing references to items previously purchased. The use of this personalized information added a personal touch to all future communications that Millie’s Baskets had with their customers, thus building brand loyalty.

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