One-to-One Marketing Delivers Results

One-to-One Marketing Delivers Results


Power & Pell Insurance wanted to enhance its agents’ relationships with their customers while also providing cross-sell and upsell opportunities for its range of products. They had been mailing a newsletter quarterly to their customers, but weren’t seeing an increase in sales activity on the products and services highlighted in the publication. The management team wanted to change the way it communicated with its customers to drive more sales activity. Solution:

For a period of two years since starting the personalized newsletter campaign, Power & Pell has noticed a significant increase in the number of additional insurance policies sold to existing clients. In addition, their customers indicated increased satisfaction with the company through positive feedback on subsequent customer satisfaction surveys. Since the content varied based on the type of insurance a customer held, the company was able to track and align content more effectively, which added to the overall value of the newsletter as a communication vehicle for this company.

Because customers had become accustomed to receiving the newsletter, it still held some value and was a great branding piece for the company. We suggested to Power & Pell that the newsletter needed to become more personalized to drive response from their customers. The redesigned newsletter included a photograph of each customer’s agent and his/her direct contact phone numbers and email address. In addition, the customer’s name was printed on each issue in a special message section from his/her agent. Further customization was created by including articles that pertained to the type of insurance the customer already had with Power & Pell on the front cover and, to drive cross-selling, articles promoting other products and services that the company was offering on the inside pages.

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