Online Ordering Solves Branding Challenges

Online Ordering Solves Branding Challenges


The marketing director of a commercial property management company was responsible for the branded collateral and signage for the company’s 35 locations across the state. Keeping each location updated with current marketing materials, forms and signs to promote various rental offers was extremely time-consuming. Managing all the local vendors and versions of materials was difficult and also resulted in inconsistent quality and timing issues, so offers were sometimes late in-market at some locations due to the inability of that local vendor to get their signage done on time. The marketing director’s goal was to spend less time on purchasing and searching for vendors and more time on expanding the company’s marketing efforts.Solution:

Our online ordering solution was the perfect answer for this multi-location company. It provided one place for the director to order all items for all locations. We took care of the printing, personalization, production and shipping for all locations. Much like any other online ordering experience, our solution was designed and organized into catalogs with visual images of the items. Anyone using the system could easily find what they wanted to order, select the item, choose a location and that item would automatically be appropriately personalized for that address. The online ordering solution was used for all marketing material, forms, signs, branded apparel and promotional items.Results:

The marketing director and others in the company who use this system have been very impressed with the user interface, ease of use and how much faster they can get this task done. Additionally, the quality of all items has improved since one vendor is being used versus many. While the director initially wanted this system just for ordering printed materials, he is now seeing the value of having this system for other items used across their organization, such as human resource (HR) department forms and cleaning supplies, so we’ll be working together to add more items over time, making this site the main ordering platform for procurement of just about everything for this company.

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