Online Storefront for Sign Production

Online Storefront Provides National Reach for Sign Production

Online Storefront Provides National Reach for Sign Production


Managing more than 700,000 square feet of commercial property across the continental US is a daunting task—and our customer, a senior project manager for a national real estate firm, had found it a lot more difficult than it needed to be due to multiple problems with his previous three sign suppliers. Spotty and missing communication, delayed projects and misunderstood specifications created chaos for him—understandably he had lost trust and confidence in each of those vendors. On top of that, many jobs simply weren’t getting done. 


We went to work immediately to create an online ordering system specific to his signage needs. The system made it easy for him to order signs and see the status of all projects, easing his initial concerns. Each time a member of the firm’s team reached out to us, we consistently followed up with communication. We met with company managers, as well as their architectural firm and commercial designers and became an integral part of their tenant improvements project team demonstrating our strength not just as a provider of services, but also a valuable consultative signage expert. 


We’ve now outfitted two of this firm’s commercial buildings with ADA/wayfinding signage and we’ll be assisting with a fully developed signage package at an outdoor mall, which the firm is renovating. The project manager is no longer stressed by overseeing sign projects and is so comfortable with our work that we’ve become the only sign provider for the company’s nationwide projects.

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