Sales Program Recognized with Promotional Products

Sales Award Program Gets Recognized with Promotional Products

Sales Award Program Gets Recognized with Promotional Products

Challenge: Our client had purchased several promotional products from different vendors that they intended to distribute at events to reward their premier partners for reaching certain sales levels. They struggled with order management and the distribution and inventory tracking of these items produced and stored at several different vendor locations, which made it difficult to manage their reward program. Additionally, their brand image was being compromised due to multiple production processes and quality control issues of using various vendors

Solution: We created an online storefront for this company to display and advertise their branded products and available promotional items to their partners worldwide. The online ordering system was integrated with a fulfillment management system making the process virtually seamless for them and their partners.

Once the company awards their partners credits to use toward the purchase of promotional products, they give them access to the online storefront to select items. Rather than working with many different vendors for promotional products, which the company had been doing, we became their one source for all promotional products due to our relationships with a wide range of promotional product manufacturers and distributors.

Results:Our client achieved their brand awareness objectives by being able to expand their promotional products line and get more than 1,000 branded items into their partners’ hands within just six months. The amount of order fulfillment that they are currently doing has increased tenfold. By ordering all of their promotional products through us they were able to save money and better control their brand through the consistency of ordering through just one vendor.

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