Signage Builds Excitement Before Store Opening

Signage Builds Excitement Before Store Opening


Our customer was slated for a “soft opening” for their eyewear shop in a busy downtown shopping district. They needed signage for the location’s interior and exterior, but they had no knowledge of the city’s sign requirements—and a very tight timeline before opening their doors to customers. The high-end shop would be a “luxury” provider of distinct handcrafted and custom eyewear and all of the signage, including materials and design, needed to reflect that level of excellence. An additional challenge was that the business owner was out of town and unavailable for in-person meetings and approval sessions.


While it’s always great to work with our clients in person, in this case we used emails, text and online file sharing to meet our customer’s needs to “see” and electronically “discuss” the project’s many elements.

To build customer anticipation, we printed a “Coming Soon” banner and posted it over the front door in this busy and exclusive shopping district. Our design team went to work to develop both an awning and a coordinating blade-style sign design (projecting at 90 degrees from the building’s exterior wall)—both featured the company logo, and both were created to meet all city signage requirements. White text on a black background highlighted the logo and type—and lent an air of classic style to the signage, blending well with the shopping district’s “feel.” Our production team created window cling signage, as well as simple posters to enable the eyewear company to stand out on the busy sidewalks yet fit in with surrounding businesses.

Inside the shop, we used modern materials in a contemporary palette of colors for lighted product displays. The displays were positioned to encourage customers to pick up the eyewear and be able to easily try it on for evaluation and purchase. 


The store opened on time—with all signage in place! The owner was grateful for our help navigating the community’s signage requirements—as well as for the final look and function of the signs we produced. The owner reported that the signs helped build customer excitement before the store even opened.

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