Signage Demonstrates Diversity

One Size Doesn’t Fit All – Signage Project Demonstrates Diversity

One Size Doesn’t Fit All – Signage Project Demonstrates Diversity


A new municipal building serving two different functions meant the signage needs were diverse: Part of the new building were offices for administrative functions for the town and the other side of the building housed the fire department (engines, training areas and sleeping quarters). ADA requirements and signage were required for the administrative side, but the fire department portion needed entirely different types of signs. This project demonstrated that “one size” doesn’t necessarily fit all—even within the same building! The project was in the planning and construction phases when the town contacted us for help.


This was a job that called for lots of communication—communication between the town’s administrative staff, the fire department staff, the building’s contractor and the planning department. We provided a sign specialist who attended each of the weekly construction meetings so we understood all details of the project—and we could provide ideas and professional input regarding best practices for signage and meeting ADA sign requirements. While many of our customers know they must adhere to ADA signage requirements, not all of them are aware of the specific elements to meet those requirements. As specialists in signage, we had the knowledge, as well as the production capabilities to create the variety of signs needed.

We produced two lighted outdoor signs for the building—one for each building entrance “side,” as well as 83 indoor signs, ADA as needed. A set of new vehicle wraps for emergency fire personnel completed the project.


The town manager was impressed with the ease we offered in outfitting the new building with signage that not only aligned with local regulations but was attractive and reflected well upon the town’s image. With occupancy of the building, town officials report the interior signage has proven to be effective in use by staff and citizens—and the exterior signage does a great job identifying the building’s two different functional areas.

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