Signage Helps Store Promote New Clothing Line

Flashy Signage Helps Store Promote New Clothing Line

Flashy Signage Helps Store Promote New Clothing Line


A flashy new clothing line, named after an equally flashy entertainment icon, was due to roll out at a retail store—but the store’s director had a problem: The budget for signage to promote the new line wasn’t flashy at all and the location for the signage didn’t include the possibility for lighting the signs. The manager was stuck—until he called us.


We toured the store and listened as the manager told us his wish: the clothing line’s distinctive logo reproduced in neon and mounted on the wall above the clothing, as well as in the shop’s window. As specialists in signage we knew a solution was possible, but this challenge took a bit of research. Two signs were created using acrycast, a cell cast acrylic sheet which absorbs light and offers superb optical clarity. We designed the two large signs, so the logo popped out dimensionally from the background and the specialized acrylic material lent a neon-like glow to the image—all with no electricity.


Custom neon would have cost our customer more than $5,000—even if there had been electrical service in the wall or near the window. Our solution was less than half that for both signs—and no electricity was needed. Customers loved the new flashy signs and posed with selfies featuring the signs, flooding social media and helping the store promote the clothing line. A radio station even gave us shout-outs for the great job!

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