Signage Solution Showcases Hotel’s and Locale

Signage Solution Showcases Bay Area Hotel’s History and Locale

Signage Solution Showcases Bay Area Hotel’s History and Locale


As part of its ongoing renovation strategy, a major hotelier with properties in the San Francisco Bay area wanted to furnish its lobbies and guestrooms with new artwork depicting the city’s landmarks, history and rich cultural (and culinary) diversity. They were looking for a specific treatment for their imagery–canvas backing with a gallery wrap–so selecting a vendor with the right experience, reputation and capabilities was important to them.

Despite being a large, recognizable brand, they were (surprisingly) price sensitive, and let us know this up front. Confident that we could be competitive in all aspects of the project, we scheduled a meeting with the company’s local interior-design representatives.


We offered to hire and manage a photographer but they declined, preferring instead to supply the (digital) photos themselves. So we set about calculating the total number of pieces needed, as well as the counts for each desired size–small, medium and large, even full-wall, in some cases. Production would be phased to correspond with individual properties’ renovations.

After nailing down the full scope of work, we met with our in-house graphics team to plan out the necessary photo-file prep work, and to establish workflow for printing, proofing and quality assurance.  We also had our team work up a few ‘test pieces’ for review by our client’s interior design team to ensure we were all on track, and also asked them to review and approve the frame style and material. After a minor color adjustment, we commenced production of all phase-one pieces.


Soon after delivery, our contact called to say how pleased her team was with the results, and to pass along thanks from the hotel’s management. In addition, she requested a meeting with us to discuss phases two and three, which we’ve calendared and are eagerly looking

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