Use Mobile Marketing To Create Awareness

Mobile Marketing Creates Opportunity for Entertainment Company

Mobile Marketing Creates Opportunity for Entertainment Company

Challenge: The regional office of a national entertainment company wanted to new way to promote concerts and sell concert tickets at a local venue. They had recently entered into a sponsorship agreement with a national fast-food chain and also needed to include that brand in their marketing efforts. Looking for a fresh approach and an effective solution, the entertainment company contacted us for ideas.

Solution: To meet the needs of the company and their sponsor, we identified a mobile marketing opportunity that leveraged QR (quick response) codes and a customized mobile website.

A QR code was printed on over 100,000 soda cups at the local branch of the fast-food chain. When scanned, the code directed smartphone users to a co-branded mobile website, where they could download the restaurant’s new app, as well as view concert schedules, read about bands, and buy concert tickets.

Results: The QR codes generated over 1,000 scans in the first release of cups. The sponsorship deal was strengthened, and the restaurant purchased additional marketing space for signage and promotion at the venue, with all signage containing QR codes.

The campaign boosted the number of app downloads for the restaurant, and the awareness of regional concert venue for the entertainment company. It was a perfect solution for the venue’s primary demographic, which uses smartphones heavily.

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