Vinyl Wraps Provide New Look

Metal Lockers Get a Whole New Look with Vinyl Wraps

Metal Lockers Get a Whole New Look with Vinyl Wraps


A multi-family housing company planned to install a delivery package management system at each residential complex, comprised of a wall-based bank of multi-size metal lockers. The lockers allow residents to securely receive shipments, even if not at home. At some locations the lockers were to be installed outdoors, in other complexes they were to be positioned inside a common lobby area. The company wanted a consistent branding campaign marking the lockers at all of their locations but wasn’t sure how to provide it cost-effectively and using a material that would withstand varying weather conditions. 


Our graphic design team stepped in to create a common design to identify the corporation yet customized the colors for each multi-family complex. We studied the lockers’ material (powder-coated, black metal), as well as the sizes and shapes of the lockers, selecting a sturdy full-color vinyl wrap material that is weather tolerant and water-resistant—as well as capable of reproducing graphic colors accurately. Our graphics team then created a custom design for each of the multi-family properties throughout the US, incorporating common corporate branding. The vinyl was designed to wrap fully around each of the locker systems, which we installed at every location. 


The company reports it’s more than pleased with the final result and the residents have made positive comments about the lockers, as well as their appearance. Our customer was also pleased that the process from start to finish was so easy for them to imagine since we provided mock-ups before starting production and because we handled all installation.

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